Technical programme and complete abstract list

NIT Durgapur


Materials are the building blocks of the ever-changing world that we live in and hence, the study of materials has always attracted scientists and engineers across the globe. The quest for new materials has always been fuelled by the needs and aspirations of society. Knowledge of the structure, property and application of these new materials are therefore, fundamental to economic, social and industrial development. With the rapid growth in the quality of human life style in the last few decades the thrust in research on materials has seen a sharp rise. This emphasis on the development of new materials has led the researchers to discover numerous new materials with unique applications/functions which may be broadly classified under the umbrella term “emerging materials”. It is therefore, very important that the academicians, researchers and industry leaders remain up- to date- with the cutting edge of latest research on processing, characterization and applications of these emerging materials.

The Second EMCA-2017 is aimed to bring together the beginners and the experts working on the broad area of materials science & engineering on a common platform so that they get an opportunity to exchange their ideas for mutual benefit. It is hoped that a number of nationally and internationally renowned speakers will grace the event to share their experience with the delegates which will immensely benefit the younger researchers.


All accepted abstracts will be published in the form of a conference proceedings, a copy of which will be given to each participant. To be considered for publication of the abstract in the conference proceedings, at least one author must pay the registration fee before the deadline. The full papers post-peer review will be published in Materials Today proceedings

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