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NIT Durgapur


Chief Patron : Prof. A. B. Bhattacharyya, Chairperson, BOG, NIT Durgapur
Patron : Prof. Asok De, Director, NIT Durgapur
General Chairs : Prof. A. K. Meikap, Department of Physics
Organizing Chairs : : Dr. Amit K. Chakraborty, Department of Physics
Technical Chairs : Prof. P. Kumbhakar (PH), Dr. S. Basu (PH) & Dr. S. Bera (MME)
Publication Chairs : Dr. R. Mahapatra (ECE), A. Mondal (PH) & Dr. H. Chaudhuri (PH)
Finance Chair : Dr. M. K. Mondal & Dr. S. Sahoo, Department of Physics

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