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Mahatma Gandhi Avenue, Durgapur 713209, West Bengal, INDIA

Department of Electrical Engineering

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Dr. Parimal Acharjee

Associate Professor & Head

Ph.D (Jadavpur University, India) (Jadavpur University, India) (North Bengal University, India)


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  • Post Doctoral Research (2013-14)
    Post Doctoral Research Associate, New Mexico State University, New Mexico, USA.
  • Ph.D (2007)
    Jadavpur University, India.
  • M.E. (EE) (1999-2001)
    Jadavpur University, India.
  • B.E. (EE) (1992-1996)
    North Bengal University, India.

Work Experiences

  • November, 2007– Present
    Associate Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering, N.I.T. Durgapur, India.

Awards & Distinctions

  1. Editor, Biochemical Engineering Journal, Elsevier Science
  2. 2017 Albert Nelson Marquis Life time Achievement Award
  3. Awarded Title of Docent by Lappeenranta University of Technology, Finland
  4. Best Research Paper award by : I.I.ChE., Millennium Congress (2000)
  5. Best Research Paper Award by Springer, 2015
  6. Best Research paper in the domain of Arsenic abatement over the period 2014-2016 January (considering all publishers).
  7. Best Undergraduate Project Award
  8. Outstanding Reviewer award by Chemical Engineering Science, Elsevier, 2015
  9. Outstanding Reviewer award by Chemical Engineering & Processing; Process Intensification, Elsevier, 2014, 2015
  10. Outstanding Reviewer award by Biochemical Engineering Journal, Elsevier Science, 2015.
  11. Served as Examiner of UN-sponsored Environmental project
  12. Served as Scientific Adviser, World Bank-sponsored Environmental Capacity Building Project of BU.
  13. Editor, Journal of Membrane and Separation Technology, Life Science Global, Tokyo
  14. Regular Reviewer of 20 reputed SCI journals of Elsevier Sc., Springer, Wiley, Taylor and Francis, American Chemical Society, Royal Society of Chemistry


  • Reserach Interest :

  1. Soft-Computing Techniques such as GA, PSO, DE, Fuzzy, ANN and its application in Power System
  2. Power system dynamics & stability
  3. FACTS Devices Smart Grid and Micro Grid
  4. Economic Load Dispatch and Optimal Power Flow
  5. Renewable Energy
  6. Deregulated power system



Optimal allocation of FACTS Devices and their coordinated operation for power flow control and enhancement of voltage stability using soft computing technique


Dr. Parimal Acharjee

Sponsered Agency:

DST, New Delhi


Using soft-computing techniques like RCGA, APSO, SADE techniques, optimal placement of FACTS device like UPFC considering voltage profile improvement, loss minimization and cost.






Top 5 Journals

  1. P. Acharjee, “Application of Efficient Self-Adaptive Differential Evolutionary Algorithm for Voltage Stability Analysis under Practical Security Constraints”, Applied Mathematics and Computation, Volume 219, Issue 23, 1 August 2013, pp. 10882-10897.

  2. Sourav Mallick, P. Acharjee, S. P. Ghoshal, S. S. Thakur, “Determination of Maximum Load Margin using Fuzzy Logic”, International Journal of Electrical Power & Energy Systems,Volume 52, 2013, pp. 231-246.

  3. P. Acharjee, “Identification of voltage collapse points and weak buses under security constraints using hybrid particle swarm optimization technique”, International Transactions on Electrical Energy Systems, Volume 23, Issue 2, 2013, pp. 230-248.

  4. Acharjee, P., Mallick, S., Thakur, S. S., & Ghoshal, S. P., “Detection of maximum loadability limits and weak buses using chaotic PSO considering security constraints”, Chaos, Solitons and Fractals, 2011, 44(8), 600-612.

  5. P. Acharjee, S. K. Goswami, “Expert algorithm based on adaptive particle swarm optimization for power flow analysis”, Expert Systems with Applications, Volume 36, Issue 3, 2009, pp. 5151-5156.

Top 5 Conference

  1. Sriparna Roy Ghatak, D. Basu and P. Acharjee, “Optimal Allocation of DG using Exponential PSO with Reduced Search Space”, IEEE International Conference on Computational Intelligence & Communication Technology (CICT), 12-13 February, 2016, ABES Engineering College, Ghaziabad, India.

  2. Sriparna Roy Ghatak, D. Basu and P. Acharjee, “Voltage Profile Improvement and Loss Reduction using Optimal Allocation of SVC”, 12th IEEE Conference, INDICON 2015, 17-20 December, 2015 at Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi, India.

  3. T. Maji, P. Acharjee, “Multiple Solutions of Optimal PMU placement using Exponential Binery PSO Algorithm” in 12th IEEE Conference, INDICO 2015, 17-20 December, 2015 at Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi, India.

  4. P. Acharjee, “Optimal Power Flow with UPFC Using Self-Adaptive Differential Evolutionary Technique under Security Constraints”, IEEE international conference on Recent Developments in Control, Automation and Power Engineering (RDCAPE), 12-13 March, 2015, Amity School of Engineering and Technology, Noida, India.

  5. P. Acharjee, “Investigation of the power scenario in India for the implementation of Smart Grid”, Innovative Smart Grid Technology (ISGT) Europe Conference, IEEE international conference, 14-17 October, 2012, Berlin Germany.


Teachings for B.Tech students

Odd Semester

# Subject Code Subject Name Study Material
1 EE-01 Electrical Technology Notes

Even Semester

# Subject Code Subject Name Study Material
1 EE 823 Soft-computing Theory &
PDF notes & PPT

Teachings for M.Tech students

Odd Semester

# Subject Code Subject Name Study Material
1 EE 9025 Soft-computing Techniques PDF notes & PPT

Even Semester

# Subject Code Subject Name Study Material
1 EE 1002 Power System Control &
PDF notes & PPT


PhD Students

  1. Sourav Mallik
  2. Santigopal Pain
  3. Sriparna Roy Ghatak
  4. Tapas Kumar Maji

M.Tech Students

  1. Debarghya Basu
  2. Meghabriti Pramanik
  3. Navin Kumar Saurabh
  4. Nitish Ghosh
  5. Banda Naresh
  6. Samitava Sikder
  7. Krishnendu Mitra
  8. Jagadeesh Gunda
  9. Kartik Chandra Haldar
  10. Amit Kumar Ghosh

B.Tech Students


Dr. Parimal Acharjee

Associate Professor & Head

Address :
Department of Electrical Engineering
Mahatma Gandhi Avenue,
National Institute of Technology Durgapur,
West Bengal,
India – 713209

E-mail :

Mobile :
+91 9434788064

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