TEQIP-II & DST-Govt. of West Bengal Sponsored

4th One week Short Term Program


Recent Advancement in Upstream and Downstream Operations of Petroleum Industries


 5 days, June 13 - 17, 2016



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In the ongoing industrial scenario, petroleum crude oil has occupied the most significant position in the list of all naturally available resources as it provides the largest share of all conventional energy resources for fuels and petrochemicals derived from it in the form of important chemicals for pharmaceutical, polymer and various basic industries. Gradual depletion of this conventional fossil fuel as energy reserve with the continued increase in energy need has raised a very high demand for its effective exploration techniques with efficient production leading to advance methods of recovery along with minimum spillage or waste of crude oil for maintaining environmental regulatory norms as well.

As the energy demands accompanied with the growth of petrochemical and polymer industries continue to increase, there is an urgent necessity to apply the advancement of technology and innovative researches in the upstream operations such as exploration, production and downstream operations such as refining, petrochemical, polymer and general chemical industries operations for paving the path of sustainable developments. But due to the limited availability of oil reserves and the accelerating demand of its products such as natural gas, LPG, gasoline, and heavier constituents like diesel fuel, lubricating oils, waxes and others, the efficient storage of petroleum along with proper usages and utilization of petroleum based fuels, chemicals and lubricants have become an utmost need.

Hence the development of promising technologies for exploration, production and refining of crude oil, on one side, and production of petrochemicals, state-of the‚Äďart polymers and various other products, on the other side, have made it inevitable to pursue higher level of innovative researches, brainstorming sessions and exchange programs amongst the experts and academicians in the domain of petroleum and the like. Alongside of these operations, remain the up-keeping and maintenance of storage tanks, furnaces, transportation and utility systems and equipments thereby reducing loss of energy, corrosion and stress-induced cracks to avoid spillage of valuable products. Exploration of proper alternative energy sources such as coal bed methane, shale oil & gas, tight gas and natural gas hydrate have also become the present day challenges for the sustenance of the ongoing industrial developments.

The preceding program is aimed at bringing together young researchers and faculty members from Academia, R&D institutions and Oil & Gas industries to share their experiences, knowledge and in-depth understanding of the basics for implementing and/or using the various advanced techniques in oil and gas fields for a successful journey towards better tomorrow.  This short term program will be useful and have an immense value to the participants in their teaching and research skills and development of the next generation technologies for its successful implementation in oil & gas and refinery industries.



  • Introduction to Exploration and Production of Petroleum 
  • Drilling & Production of oil and gas
  • Fluid flow through porous media and Modeling &Simulation of Reservoir
  • Thermodynamic behavior of hydrocarbons
  • Surface Operations for oil and gas
  • Petroleum Refinery: Operations and Troubleshooting
  • Parameter Optimization of productions in Petroleum refinery
  • Effluent treatment in Petroleum refinery and petrochemical industries
  • Underground Coal Gasification